About this blog

The title of the blog is a direct homage to Peter Newmark, who, with his series of "paragraphs on translation", was already blogging on translation (though on paper) more than fifteen years ago.

When I started this blog I thought it would help attract more visitors (and perhaps potential customers) to our company's web site.

It has become, instead, a way to share my passion for this profession with others.

Something about me

My name is Riccardo Schiaffino.

I have always worked in translation: first as a freelance translator, then as a partner in a translation company, later still as translator, translation manager and special software translation project lead for a major software company.
As a translation manager, my main interest was the improvement of translation quality and the development of translation quality metrics and tools.
Currently I work in Aliquantum, a small company which I established with a few friends and colleagues to provide high-quality translation services and language consulting.

I also teach translation at Denver University's University College where I teach a course on the theory and practice of translation, and another on the localization of software and web pages.

Thank you for visiting!