About this Blog

The title of the blog is a direct homage to Peter Newmark, who, with his series of "paragraphs on translation", was already blogging on translation (though on paper) more than a quarter century ago.

When I started this blog I thought it would help attract more visitors (and perhaps potential customers) to our company's web site.

It has become, instead, a way to share my passion for this profession with others.

Something about me

My name is Riccardo Schiaffino.

I have always worked in translation: first as a freelance translator, then as a partner in a translation company, later still as translator, and translation manager for a major software company.

As a translation manager, my main interest was the improvement of translation quality and the development of translation quality metrics and tools.

Currently I work in Aliquantum, a small company which I established with a few friends and colleagues to provide high-quality translation services and language consulting.

I also teach translation at Denver University's University College where I teach courses on the theory and practice of translation, localization of software and web pages, computer-assisted translation tools, and translation project management.

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  1. Hi Riccardo!

    I, together with moderators from FB group "Successful Freelance Translators", have launched a contest for young translators to commemorate
    the International Translation Day.

    The goal of the contest is to help translators create online visibility. Therefore, the main prize is "A Freelance Translator Business
    Starter Kit" (a website for a freelance translator). There are also other prizes.

    The details of the contest can be found at this link https://www.hannasles.com/translator-business/.

    Would you be interested to share this on your blog http://www.aboutranslation.com to spread a word about this contest?

  2. Hi, Riccardio!

    I really enjoy your blog, keep it up! I would want to hear more about localization!

  3. Greetings,

    I'm a BA student from the English Studies Department of the University of Sheffield and I would appreciate it if you took the time to fill in the questionnaire for my dissertation regarding translators' attitudes towards Machine Translation. It would also be very helpful if you shared it with other potential participants. Thank you in advance! Here's the link:

    Kind regards,
    Irene Chamali


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