Monday, May 27, 2019

An article from the Economist on the art of translation

The Economist, has recently published Daniel Hahn on the art of translation, an article which deals, among other things, with the intersection between writing and translation:
“Translating becomes a sort of replicating of an idealised version of that writing experience, so that I can write a novel as if it’s from scratch, but I know it’s going to work because it’s been road-tested in another language. I’m constantly writing these great novels, which is an amazing privilege.”

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

New edition of Mats Linder invaluable SDL Trados Studio Manual updated for SDL 2019 SR1

Mats Linder's SDL Trados Studio - The Manual has now been updated with a new edition - the second for SDL Trados Studio 2019, to cover changes introduced with service release 1 (SR1) of the program.

The manual is now grown to 598 pages, and includes 30 pages on machine translation -- useful for many translators, considering the ever-increasing presence of MT in many projects.

The price is USD 52 or 49 Euro for new users (or half of that for those who bought previous versions of the manual).

I highly recommend it, since it complements (and mostly supersedes) SDL's own badly written documentation: Mats writes in a way that any user of SDL Trados studio will find useful.

Friday, May 03, 2019

Interesting article on post-editing machine translation

Recently, Isabella Massardo published on interesting article on post-editing machine translation:

5 Effective Strategies for Post-Editing MT
Because of the misleading fluency of NMT systems, we now have to get the meaning of the source text first and then compare the text with the MT raw output to make sure that the translation is correct and adequate.
Good to know that there are still people who realize that advocating for "Monolingual Post-Editing", as some zealots increasingly do is ever more dangerous, especially now that machine translation is becoming even more "fluent".

The link was not correct but it should work now.