Tuesday, May 21, 2019

New edition of Mats Linder invaluable SDL Trados Studio Manual updated for SDL 2019 SR1

Mats Linder's SDL Trados Studio - The Manual has now been updated with a new edition - the second for SDL Trados Studio 2019, to cover changes introduced with service release 1 (SR1) of the program.

The manual is now grown to 598 pages, and includes 30 pages on machine translation -- useful for many translators, considering the ever-increasing presence of MT in many projects.

The price is USD 52 or 49 Euro for new users (or half of that for those who bought previous versions of the manual).

I highly recommend it, since it complements (and mostly supersedes) SDL's own badly written documentation: Mats writes in a way that any user of SDL Trados studio will find useful.

Friday, May 03, 2019

Interesting article on post-editing machine translation

Recently, Isabella Massardo published on interesting article on post-editing machine translation:

5 Effective Strategies for Post-Editing MT
Because of the misleading fluency of NMT systems, we now have to get the meaning of the source text first and then compare the text with the MT raw output to make sure that the translation is correct and adequate.
Good to know that there are still people who realize that advocating for "Monolingual Post-Editing", as some zealots increasingly do is ever more dangerous, especially now that machine translation is becoming even more "fluent".

The link was not correct but it should work now.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Term Extraction Using Concordance Tools

Yesterday, at the 9th annual conference of the Colorado Translators Association, I gave a new presentation: "Term Extraction Using Concordance Tools". I think it was well received: lots of colleagues attended, and several had various questions to ask at the end.
I've posted the presentation (in embedded form) in the "Other Presentations" tab of this blog, from which you can also download a copy. At the end off the presentation there are links to all the programs mentioned.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

'It's a silent conversation': authors and translators on their unique relationship

From the Guardian, an interesting article on authors and their translators:

From Man Booker International winner Olga Tokarczuk to partners Ma Jian and Flora Drew … leading authors and translators discuss the highs and lows of cross-cultural collaboration.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

CATs and dogs: funny blog spam

I normally just delete blog spam, but sometimes you kind of see why the spammed  a particular post...
XXX has left a new comment on your post "A step back to the past: translating without a CAT...":

Incredible, you are good to go for the dog preparing school you had always wanted. Presently, we are acquainting you with the 10 concealed diamond schools with 5-star Yelp evaluations that represent considerable authority in the kind of dog preparing you are searching for. Simply ahead and locate the one for you!

Monday, October 01, 2018

SDL Trados Studio Manual 2019 - Just Published

Mats Linder has been publishing (and regularly updating) his "SDL Trados Studio Manual" for many years now, thus providing an indispensable service to all users of SDL Trados Studio, who otherwise would be left at the mercy of SDL's own obscure documentation.

He has just released the newest version of the manual SDL Trados Studio Manual 2019, updated to cover the most recent version of the program from SDL.

SDL Trados Studio 2019 Manual cover
The new version of the manual describes what's new in Studio 2019, as well as the features offered by new plugins released in SDL's app store since the previous version of the manual. 573 pages.

Monday, July 09, 2018

"Unique opportunity"

I got this in the mail:
Offer from XxxxXxxxx  
Xxxx from XxxxXxxxx says Hi!  
Dear Sir/Madam, 
I am a project manager at XxxxXxxxx, and I am very pleased to send you this email, offering you a unique opportunity. Let me tell you about my company's point of view in some detail. Due to the crazy, competitive market we face, our company has established its method, which is based on filling the gap between translators and the translation projects that are most appropriate for them. To do that, we make some tiny changes to the translators' CVs before sending them to our clients. These changes might include removing their contact details and replacing it with ours. This is done so that they don't need to bother themselves with loads of emails. We are going to be the one to contact the client, discuss the project, and then send it to our translator who will definitely be able to make much more money through this saved time. To accept the offer, have a look at our authorization template (attached), have it signed, and then send it back to me along with your resume and cover letter.Finally, I would like you to know that we at XxxxXxxxx have got a highly qualified team of project managers, all of whom work in harmony with a great number of competent translators. And we would be thrilled to welcome you to our team, and to help you reach your full potential through this job!If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email. 
Thanks for your time and consideration.  
Sincerely yours, 
Xxxx Xxxxxxx 
Project Manager /XxxxXxxxx  team
(I redacted the name of the sender and his company, since I'm not interested in offering them free advertising.)

There is no need to say that accepting their "unique opportunity" would be foolish in the extreme: you would in effect authorize them to use your résumé for their own purposes, and nothing would then prevent them from sending any translation job received thank to your résumé to some cheaper translator or even to a free machine translation engine.

Stay away from this: they are not offering a service: it cannot be anything other than a new scam.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Punctuation Guide

The Punctuation Guide is a useful online resource that shows the current style of American punctuation. According to the author,
In creating this guide, I have consulted dozens of authorities, both online and in print. Where the authorities disagree, I either have explained the various positions or have presented the style I believe to be most useful. 
The Punctuation Guide was created by Jordan Penn, a longtime enthusiast of American language, usage, and style.

An interesting article on "Google Translate" and its legal implications

The Volokh Conspiracy, a law blog, recently published an interesting article on some legal implications of the use of Google Translate: "Google Translate" and the Law of Consent Searches.