Thursday, June 15, 2006

Things to pay attention to when localizing a web site


According to this article, "localizing your Web site for international users requires more than hurdling a few language barriers".

The article describes many things to be considered and difficulties to be overcome for those who plan to have an international version of their web site.

While it concentrates on issues other than translation, I think this could be very useful to translators who are asked to quote for the localization of a web site: it gives us other factors to mention to our prospect, from planning for non-broadband connections to getting a local URL for the international site.

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  1. I see that the SEO elements of localization of a web site are merely glossed over. If you are truly seeking positioning and access by English-based and or Language-based search engines, you need to do your homework from the beginning.

    Do you need language-specific subset pages? Are blogs and article manipulation systems required to add validity?

    If you don't take the time to consider and budget for the new positioning trends, what's the point?


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