Friday, May 23, 2008

14-Hour Days

I know I've not written anything in quite a while, but since late April I've been working some very long days: a quick look at the e-mail, one hour drive to Boulder, eight straight hours of software testing every day, then the drive back to Denver. (At least I get to listen to some good book on tape - right now an interesting biography of Julius Cesar).

In the evening, again the e-mail (trying not to leave important things behind).

After that a bit of editing for my partners or some short translation projects from good customers, and a bit of work for the on-line translation course I'm teaching for Denver University.

This first testing project should end next week (although more is probably coming soon). I'll try to write some post about localization testing, probably next week, or the week after that.


  1. I liked reading your post, Riccardo, and I miss so much Boulder after several localization testing that I did on IBM premises. BTW, are you using automated tools for running tests, and if yes, which ones?

    Regards from Barcelona, Spain

  2. Thanks for blogging about translation :)

  3. It's good that you're back!

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