Monday, April 13, 2009

Deadline for renewing Trados licenses

A reminder to all those who are still on various flavors of Trados 7: it is still possible to upgrade to Trados 2007 (I think the deadline is April 15, the end of the current SDL upgrade offer), but soon it will no longer be possible to upgrade a Trados 7 license, and those wishing to do so will need to pay the full price for a new license.

Many complained about this SDL policy when the same happened for Trados 6.5 (and SDLX 2004): I wrote about that last year in this post.

I remain of the opinion that the SDL upgrade policy is overly restrictive, but since it is what it is, people who think to upgrade should do it soon.


  1. But why go to 2007 when you can take 2009? A significant improvement.

  2. Sorry - should have added this link.

  3. We are in fact planning to also get 2009. But in order to be able to upgrade to 2009, we'll need to have 2007. I believe it will no longer be possible to upgrade from Trados 7 to 2009.

    Also, for this year at least, we are getting a support contract, so as to get 2009 included in the price of the support.


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