Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Independent information on translation tools


Is the Trados filter capacity outstanding compared to other CAT Systems? Maybe there is a forum somewhere that compares Cat performances and answers these questions impartially.
I am an newbie here and these systems can be time and money drains.


There is indeed a site where you can find comparison of various translation tools: Jost Zetzsche's excellent Translators Training. For a very moderate yearly subscription you can get independent reviews, information and comparisons of various different translation tools, and much else.

I wrote that to answer a comment to another post.

I'm sure that many translators already know Jost's excellent Translators Training site (not to mention his Tool Kit: a great series of computer tips for translators), but if you didn't know them, and you are interested in how best to use the computer to help you with translation, Jost's sites are an invaluable resource.
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  1. I'm glad to have come across your blog in my virtual wanderings today. I'm also a professional translator and it's convenient for someone like me, pwersonally concerned with issues of the same nature, to find blogs like this.
    The question about independent information on translation tools is a good example. I think it's been very well answered with the option the questioner may turn to if he likes.
    Congratulations from Brazil.

  2. Thanks Ricardo,

    Great post and great blog. I had been looking for this information.
    As an almost newbie, I appreciate the honesty and high caliber of the material published in your blog.


  3. Hello I m new to this blog....actually i hav been searching for some sites ?blogs on traslation, but till now I havn't been completely understand Translation......could you plzz guide me....


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  4. thanks for the heads up on this. I havent explored computers and tech. for translation, other than for typing, so this might be an opportunity for me to really learn about it all.

    -Josh Mcshane


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