Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogging 101

As a part of the Social Media for Translators presentation organized by the CTA, Corinne McKay, Eve Bodeux and I each gave a 30 minutes presentation. Corinne talked of Facebook, LinkedIn, and social networking; I gave a presentation, titled "Blogging 101", on how to create and write your own blog, and Eve talked about how to use Twitter to best effect for professional networking.

You can download a copy of my presentation (as a PowerPoint presentation or as a PDF ile) by going to the CTA - Blogging 101 page of this blog.


  1. Facebook and Linkedin are playing a major role in translation industry.

    - Cosmic Global Limited

  2. Thanks for putting your presentation up, Riccardo! I think that the session went really well and that people learned a lot, I also got a few excellent new blogging tips from you.

  3. Hi Riccardo, I read both the PPT and the PDF - very helpful tips and good ideas about using blogging to raise one's profile. Thank you for sharing!


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