Saturday, November 13, 2010

Useful suggestions for translation bloggers

Fabio Said, of Fidus Interpres, has written a thoughtful and useful comment to my post about the updated Blogging 101 presentation.

While I'm not sure I agree completely with  his suggestion about the RSS feed (I have set the feed of About Translation to full text, but personally I don't mind those blogs that only show the first lines of the post in their feeds: three or four lines are usually enough to decide whether a post is interesting or not), I plan to incorporate his suggestions in future versions of my presentation.

Thanks, Fabio!


  1. nice suggestion i really like this and i hope that every one will get it help full
    thanks to share such a great information about the transltioan i really like it

  2. Yes, you're 100% right 3 t 4 sentences are enough to decide whether the blog post is worthy to read it or not.


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