Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy International Translation Day!

Every day is a translation day here – but since today is “International Translation Day”, I’d like to share with you two images you might like:


We found these painted tiles several years ago, I don’t remember if it was in Assisi or in Urbino. They were in a ceramics shop, together with similar tiles for many other professions and crafts. As soon as we saw them we decided to get a pair, and they have hung outside our office ever since.

I especially like that both translators are reading with a smile on their faces… perhaps, they are happy to use a quill (no blue screen of death for them!), and work at a more sedate pace.

Happy St. Jerome’s Day, everyone!


  1. Just beautiful! Also, a very interesting interpretation. Thanks for sharing

  2. They are happy because it's very interesting job to be a translator!!!

  3. Darn! I'm disappointed I missed this! Happy Translation day for next year!! Great to see some translators not tied down to the computer!

  4. Ohh am soo sorry I missed out the day. Anyways as you said everyday is translator’s day that’s why here I am wishing all my translators friend a really very happy day of translation. It is really good to see that still there are translators who have interest on writing their own translated documents and they have obtained a smile over their cheeks.

  5. Cool! Those guys really do look happy (must have been an easy translation). Now all we need is an International Proofreader Day - there is no such thing, is there?


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