Friday, March 09, 2012

I wonder if they are going to pay him in lettuce: rabbit signed up as court interpreter by ALS

From the Birmingham Mail: Jajo the Rabbit 'hired' as translator at Birmingham courts

Money quote:
"[The owner] successfully filled in an online application for carrot-chomping Jajo with Applied Language Solutions, which supplies linguists to West Midlands police and local courts.
The rabbit [...]  later received emails from the firm welcoming him aboard as a translator – and inviting him to an online seminar to learn more about his role."
Guess they are not kidding when they say the ALS contract has been somewhat problematic for court interpreting in the UK.


And now Jajo, the interpreter rabbit, has his own Twitter account:


  1. Ah, priceless, priceless. We knew ALS's standards were low, but now bunnies can be court interpreters? :) BTW, would be nice if the Birmingham Mail could master the difference between a translator and an interpreter, but that might be asking too much. We are just happy about the coverage!

    1. Well, the article does say that Jajo's owner is a court interpreter, so perhaps the paper knows the difference between interpreter and translator, and the rabbit was in fact applying for a translator's position. What I don't understand is why ALS thought it would be a good idea: everybody knows that rabbits don't work well with CATs ;-)

    Latest interesting view from UK. Also noted from Judy Jenner problem of court interpreting not confined to UK.


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