Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Great post on how to be a good commenter

John Scalzi, a popular SF author, and, with his 14-year-old "Whatever", one of the first and best bloggers around, has just published a great post with guidelines about how and when to comment, with ten questions each commenter should ask himself or herself before commenting. It will be useful for anybody who comments on blogs or contributes to online discussion threads.

The first three points are:
  1. Do I actually have anything to say?
  2. Is what I have to say actually on topic?
  3. Does what I write actually stay on topic?

There are ten in all and each with a cogent and persuasive explanation, in Scalzi's usual snarky style.

Go and see the post for yourself, and, if you are a blogger, spread the word.

1 comment:

  1. Salve! :-)
    Consigli utilissimi. Ho salvato la pagina di "Whatever" per rileggerli, now and then.
    Ho visto forum vivaci e interessanti letteralmente affondare a causa di persone che non sapevano relazionarsi. Certo, dipende anche dal "padrone di casa" o dall'eventuale moderatore.
    Was I supposed to comment in English? Pardon me.


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