Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Xbench 3.0 – Making good on my promise

Well before ApSIC announced the pro version of Xbench – when the program was still just freeware – I said (and wrote) several times that I would be ready to pay for the program whenever ApSIC decided to turn it into a commercial product.

I've just made good on my promise by pre-paying for two subscriptions to Xbench.

If you are interested in Xbench, and want to obtain it at a steep discount, tomorrow is the last day you can get it at the special  19 early pre-release rate.

After January 10, you'll still be able pre-pay the subscription at a (decreasing) discount:
  • €19/year until January 10
  • €39/year until January 17
  • €59/year until January 24
  • €79/year until BETA officially ends
  • €99/year after the official release of the program.
So, if you find Xbench useful (I find it indispensable) it's a good idea to prepay for it while it is offered at a reduced price. To download Xbench, and to pre-pay the subscriptions, go to

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