Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quick tip: how to make text easier to read in Studio

Sometimes when you work in Studio, the color of the text makes it either difficult or even impossible to read...

There is a simple solution: from the Editor, select Options, then Editor, and then Font Adaptarion:

Adjust the Text color contrast slider, if necessary, all the way to the right:

The result is much easier to read:

And bear in mind that changing how the text is displayed in Studio won't affect how it appears in your translation.

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  1. A nice tip... another way, if you have changing fonts in the text, is to introduce a consistent look throughout by selecting Tools -> Options ->Editor -> Formatting Display Style -> Show all tags but do not show formatting.
    You then get all the text as black on white, all the same size, and all the tags visible for placement (added benefit of no missing tags).


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