Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Special offer for Xbench

Until November 29, ApSIC is offering Xbench, its super-useful terminology and QA tool, at a 50% discount.

While the 2.9 version of Xbench is still free, I highly recommend upgrading to the professional version (3.0): it supports more file types and offers useful additional QA tests.

Above all, by paying for the pro version you help ApSIC actively support and further develop one of the very best utilities for translators.

You can purchase Xbench at www.xbench.net. For more information on how Xbench can be useful for translators, see my presentation (now slightly out of date).


  1. Hi Riccardo, we wanted to buy Xbench recently. We also wanted to take advantage of this discount but we did not have this possibility. Do you think they will do other discounts soon?

    1. I believe that the 50% discount offer is still on - I've just checked on Xbench.net


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