Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Xbench 3.0: 50% discount until January 10th

Currently Xbench 3.0 is offered at a 50% discount (until January 10th). You can order it from
This is an especially enticing offer for all users of SDL Studio 2014: Xbench is soon going to launch a Studio Add-in that permits, among other things, to launch a QA session of a Studio project from within Studio.
The Add-in also lets the users directly access the segments to correct (i.e., when selecting “Edit Source”, Xbench will open the translation in Studio and jump directly to the segment that needs editing).
The Add-in is currently available as a public beta from the download page of the Xbench website.


  1. Did they release the add-on yet? Is it any good? It might be pretty difficult to beat the native QA checker in SDL Trados Studio.

    1. Hi Velior,

      The add-on is excellent: I've been using it since they released the first beta, and it really integrates well with Studio. You can download it from it's still beta, but I found it very reliable.
      I actually prefer it to the native QA checker in SDL Trados Studio (which shows too many false positives, in my opinion).

    2. Hi Velior,

      They have just officially released the plug-in (see my latest post)


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