Friday, March 07, 2014

Mafalda, Libertad and translation

I've always liked Quino's Mafalda: I think it's much better than Peanuts. One of my favorite strips has always been this, about translators...

 (click on the strip to open a larger version in a new window) 

For those who don't know Spanish:
Mafalda: "What's your mom typing?"
Libertad: "Translations of books, because what my dad makes only pays for the rent. My mum knows French. The French write books in French, my mom copies them the way we speak, and with what that brings in she buys noodles and stuff like that. There's this guy... wait, what's his name? Yanpol... Yanpol Belmondo... no, Yanpol... Sastre, is it?"
Mafalda: "Ah! Sartre?"
Libertad: "That one! The last chicken we ate was written by him!"
(Translation adapted from the one posted in Bob's Comics Reviews)


  1. ¡Genial! Me encanta Quino y adoro a Mafalda. I agree, better than Peanuts.

  2. Very funny! and so true... My children have a similar vision, but with toys and fastfoods :)

  3. Crecí leyendo a Mafalda, Astérix y otros cómics icónicos del siglo XX y me encantan. No recordaba que la mamá de Libertad era traductora, ¡gracias!

  4. Hahah, I remember these and Peanut, and for people who don't understand multiple languages, it isn't as funny. But for people like us who do know what they are saying, they might be funnier than Peanuts! I would say they are but some might not! This was great for a Thursday smile!

  5. Mafalda brings back so many memories


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