Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weird search and replace bug in Studio 2014 SP2

If you have recently noticed weird search and replace behavior in SDL Trados Studio 2014 SP2, a workaround (that only works in certain searches, however) could be as simple as closing the “Find options” pane.


In the “Find what” box I entered two spaces, and one in the “Replace with” (to search and fix accidental occurrences of double spaces).

When I launched the search, the program started by finding every single character in my translation, i.e., it was stopping at every character, whether it was a space (let alone a double space) or not.


When I closed the “Find options” pane the search behaved as expected.


When the “Find options” pane is closed, all the options you have chosen there no longer seem to apply. You can verify this yourself:

  1. With the “Find options” pane expanded, select “Match case”. 
  2. In the “Find what” box enter an upper case letter (no matter which, so long as it is present in your translation.
  3. Launch the search.

    The program will behave correctly, finding only instances of the upper case letter you searched for.
  4. Without changing anything else (i.e., don’t deselect the “Match case” box), close the “Find options” pane.
  5. Launch the search again.

    The program will now find every single instance of the letter, both upper and lower case.
This is a new bug: I’m sure that before SP2 Studio did not behave this way.


The first issue (the one that has to do with searching for double spaces) might be specific either to Studio professional or to the way it is installed on my machine: I've tried the same search on another computer where Studio Freelance was installed, but the program behaved normally (i.e., it did not match every single character).

On the other hand, the second issue (not taking into consideration the options when the Find Options pane is closed) can be reproduced on other machine, so I would consider it as a real bug.

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