Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Microsoft Language Portal has a new look

The Microsoft Language Portal, an indispensable resource for all translators who work with Windows software localization, has just received a new look, which brings it better in line with recent changes to other Microsoft programs, from Office to Edge and Windows itself.

The new look of the Microsoft Language Portal

Personally, I find the new look, more modern--and perhaps more attractive--but a bit less legible.

Compare the old look below:

Th old look of the Microsoft Language Portal

The addition of more color to the interface helped separate the search form from the results area. The old look also displayed more terms per page:

The old version of the Microsoft Language Portal displayed more terms per page
I haven't worked long enough with the new interface to see if there are other changes other than the obvious cosmetic ones.


  1. It also provides an API now for developers. GT4T uses its official API go acquire translation.

  2. Unfortunately the MS Language Portal does not work in SDL Trados Studio 2017 WebLookup anymore. What a pity.


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