Monday, April 16, 2018

SDL invents new language

Not content with providing some of the best-known software tools for translators, SDL, a language technology company, is apparently hard at work inventing previously unknown languages.

The proof: recently translators have been receiving messages to offer them free training. and apparently that training is available in multiple languages.

One of them is "Mexican":

Mexican, a brand new language brought to you by SDL

When asked about the new language, SDL representatives said they could not answer right now about Mexican, as they were busy at work developing other new languages, including Swiss and Belgian.

They confirmed, however, that work on the Yugoslavian language had been definitely put on hold, as news that the country of Yugoslavia no longer existed had finally reached SDL's headquarters.


  1. I don't think there ever was a language called "Yugoslavian". That being said, just because a country ceases to exist doesn't mean the language no longer exists.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I think you missed the point of my post: there is no such thing as the "Mexican" language (the main language spoken in Mexico is Spanish, though of course there are other languages spoken there). "Mexican", therefore, joins the ranks of such (non-existing) languages as "Belgian", "Swiss", and, yes "Yugoslavian" (the main languages spoken in the former Yugoslavia were Serbian and Croatian (which are mostly the same language, though one is written using Cyrillic characters and the other Roman characters), Slovenian, etc.

  2. There are some really odd options in SDL Trados Studio, like Brazilian Spanish. I do know some people who try to speak Spanish and actually mix Portuguese and Spanish, maybe that's what they are talking about ��


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