Monday, October 01, 2018

SDL Trados Studio Manual 2019 - Just Published

Mats Linder has been publishing (and regularly updating) his "SDL Trados Studio Manual" for many years now, thus providing an indispensable service to all users of SDL Trados Studio, who otherwise would be left at the mercy of SDL's own obscure documentation.

He has just released the newest version of the manual SDL Trados Studio Manual 2019, updated to cover the most recent version of the program from SDL.

SDL Trados Studio 2019 Manual cover
The new version of the manual describes what's new in Studio 2019, as well as the features offered by new plugins released in SDL's app store since the previous version of the manual. 573 pages.


  1. It is worth owning the manual for an experienced user or would following the blog be enough?

    1. Definitely worth it: Mats' manual is better written and better organized than SDL's own documentation. Also, when he upgrades the manual (and he always keeps it up to date with SDL major and minor updates) he actually provides a copy of the manual with all changes highlighted, so that you can easily see what has changed (in the manual and in the program).


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