Friday, July 12, 2019

Interpreters will be replaced by pre-recorded videos

According to INTERSECT, a newsletter of Cross Cultural Communications,
The Trump administration has announced that interpreters for initial deportation hearings will be replaced by pre-recorded videos in several languages.
[...] The videos will inform those who face deportation of their rights. How anyone knows whether the videos will be understood, or how those who watch them will ask questions, is unknown. Previously, interpreters were available for questions when judges informed those to be deported of their rights.
In addition, vast numbers of those who will watch the videos speak indigenous languages unlikely to be recorded in the videos. In an article in The San Francisco Chronicle,  one judge reported this change as a “disaster in the making.”
Language lobbyists suggest that U.S. residents write a letter to Congress to protest the change.
One more step in the Republican quest to transform the US into a country where the rights of the people count for nothing.


  1. A blatant disregard of human rights!
    Suzanne Eisenmann

  2. Several municipalities have tried similar concepts, but they have all been replaced or voted down. In-person, consecutive interpretation will survive for many, many years in US courts as the legal system rejects any room for error or doubt, and if one party can claim that rights were limited, the case will not go well; the state/court should always make sure that both parties' rights are respected. That is my option, but I have been wrong before.

    Dan Hickman, Ph.D.
    Southeast Spanish, Inc.


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