Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blog maintenance

Now that I have decided to post more often, I begun some long overdue blog maintenance.

Yesterday night I pruned the blog roll: there were several dead links, or links to blogs that have been idle for a while. Now all the links are to blogs that have been updated at least in recent months. I might change it further in the future, by adding and removing links.

Any suggestions for links to translation-related blogs are welcome. Bear in mind that I will link only to blogs that I can actually read (that means I will only link to blogs written in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and maybe Catalan).

Harder to do, and more time consuming is improving the template for the blog. I started with the easy part (adding a picture as a background for the title: that is a stretch of I25 in New Mexico, driving North towards Denver), but I plan to change several other settings, to improve layout and readability. Again, any suggestions are welcome.

Finally, I have removed the security feature from the comments - unless I start to get too much comment spam, I'll leave it off to make commenting easier.


  1. Hi. You're invited to visit and link to my translation blog. It's written in Portuguese, and the link is:
    About Translation has already been linked to on my blog.

  2. Hello,

    I am a regular visitor of your blog and i also have a personal blog about translation :
    I've added your site to my random blogroll.

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  4. Riccardo,

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