Thursday, January 31, 2008

Something about this blog

I started this blog a couple of years ago. I wanted to write about translation, give to the world my unbidden opinions. Mostly, I suppose, it was a case of "me too" other people had blogs, it looked cool (in a nerdy sort of way), and it didn't look like too many translators had one.

At first I mostly posted short comments about news on translation, then I stared to add, at least occasionally, longer articles.

I didn't know who my readers would be at the beginning, but I thought I would mostly write for other translators: share my experience with them, sometime some cool tool I found, sometime venting about problems with a CAT tool, sometime about the translation courses I taught. I find that the readers here, at least those who leave comments, are indeed other translators. My most popular posts seem those devoted to advice for beginning translators, translation education, or translation tools (whenever I vent about some Trados misfeature, my site counter goes up for the day).

The posts I worked the most on were devoted to wildcard searches in MS Word. I often refer to those posts myself to refresh my memory whenever I need to try some new complicated MS search.

In 2005 and 2006 I posted more than once a week on average. Last year it was a difficult year: stretches of much pressure at work interspersed with periods of worry when not enough work arrived. I didn't write much, nothing at all for long stretches of time.

For this year I am resolved to post more often, at least whenever some idea for an interesting post arrives, and not let ideas wither away for lack of attention. They say that if you don't write down resolutions, you'll never do anything to make them happen. So here I am: sharing my resolve to write more on this blog and perhaps elsewhere.

Knowing that someone is interested in what I write makes it worthwhile: thank you for visiting here!


  1. In any way, keep on blogging (would be nice to move to a platform where commenting is easier...).

  2. It is always a pleasure to read information here. Im glad to know that you are going to keep on working on this page.

  3. Hi Riccardo

    I really enjoy your blog, and am delighted to hear there'll be more of it to enjoy over the coming year :)


  4. Hi Torsten:

    What can I do to make commenting easier?
    I have just removed the security verification feature... at least for the time being: I had set it up because I was beginning to receive quite a bit of spam.

  5. Hi, I've also started a blog to talk about my beginning as a freelance translator here in Tampico, México.
    As you may notice the most of my translations are from english to spanish, 'cause I got a lot of things to improve before to start translating from spanish to english, I hope to keep on reading your blog so I can take some good tips from your knowledge.

  6. Your blog is very informative and beginners like me learn a lot from various posts here.


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