Friday, July 04, 2008

Blog comment spam

I've just deleted a bunch of spam comments from some anonymous user who wanted to use this site to scatter links to whatever services they provided. This is something which happens from time to time.

A hint to other would-be spammers: if you have something interesting, and would like me to link to it, the way to do it is NOT to put the same comment to a number of my posts. I leave the comments open, but I monitor them, and reserve the right to delete any comment if I think it is spam, (or for other reasons, such as offensive language).

If you have something interesting, and would like me to link to it, I may do it if you send me a message to aboutranslation {at}


  1. I use Akismet with Wordpress, and haven't had a single problem with spam comments, except to delete everything in my spam tab every couple of weeks.

  2. That might have been the one I deleted this week too. Three comments on one post, all subject to approval because the post was over a week old.

  3. I would second the recommendation for Akismet; once in a while it tags a legitimate comment as spam, mostly because the comment contains multiple URLs. I've actually never had it let a spam comment through.

  4. Unfortunately, I think that Akismet only works for WordPress blogs... this is on blogger, and the only options I seem to have is to either set up comments moderation (which would be annoying, as comments would no longer appear immediately, but only after I vetted them), or using one of those distorted letter things which I personally never seem to get right on the first try.

    I have thought to port the blog to WordPress, but i don't know how to transfer the existing posts, and a lot of the activity on this blog is on old longer posts, which people seem to refer to regularly.



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