Monday, November 09, 2009

New build of ApSIC XBench available

ApSIC has just released a new build (#385) of XBench version 2.8. The new build fixes certain bugs (see the ApSIC blog for details).

Also newly available for dowlad from the ApSIC web site is a "Programmer's Reference for QA plug-ins", for those of us geeky enough to try our hands at (in ApSIC's words) "adding our own custom checks within the ApSIC Xbench QA workflow by programming a .dll file with a few pre-defined call-back functions".

See the ApSic blog for more details.


  1. Very interesting indeed!
    Just to complete Your report, I invite You to see my blog with borders, in which there is also a rich collection of "pre-wall" Berlins (1950-1961).
    Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy!

  2. Just discovered XBench after reading about it on your blog. So far I'm impressed. Thanks very much for the tip!


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