Sunday, February 21, 2010

Five years of About Translation

Last week marked the fifth anniversary of About Translation.

The number of visitors in these five years has kept on growing: from a few thousand visitors in 2005, to a current total well over 90,000 visitors and 150,000 page views.

Now that Blogger permits more than one page per blog, I've added a permanent page devoted to the posts that may be most useful to other translators (for example, the articles on wildcard searches in Word), and an About page, where I moved the information about this blog. I plan to add some additional permanent pages in the future: any suggestion is welcome, of course.

Knowing that you find this blog interesting enough to read it is one of the reasons why I keep trying to improve it. Thank you!


  1. Felicidades, Riccardo -- wow, at five years, you are a true translation blogging pioneer. Keep up the great work, we love your blog and writing style. It's highly informative!

  2. Congratulations and many many happy returns!

  3. Congratulations Riccardo and thanks for keeping up your great work for so long! Looking forward to co-presenting with you too!


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