Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another exciting offer from AmateurZ

Another exciting offer from that bottomless source of poor translations at rock-bottom rates:
[…] has a very high volume contract in which we need a vendor (NOT INDIVIDUAL LINGUIST) to provide translation and edit from […] Italian to English, […] and English to Italian. We […] are only looking for vendors who can provide both translation and edit.
Vendor must:

  • Have US citizen translators and state in your email that you have US citizen translators.
  • Be able to provide a 1 day turnaround time for small documents.
  • Have experience with legal documents […]
[…] please email me your company […] rates and confirm you are a US citizen. If you are not a US citizen or a vendor, your emails will not be read.
So they want to find a company able to provide fast turnaround on translation and editing projects done by US citizens only in a specialized field. I sent them our rates. They e-mailed me their counter-offer. How much are they willing to pay?
The highest we can go is $0.10 per word, for translation editing and proofing.
My answer:
Then you are not going to find any decent translator. No point in going further with this.


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