Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Forthcoming XBench presentation

Thursday, February 24, between 6 and 8:30 PM, I’ll give a presentation at the Colorado Translators Association on how to use XBench for terminology and translation QA.
This session is suitable for most language combinations and translation platforms (XBench is a Windows program; it works well together with a variety of different CAT tools) and technical levels.
The cost at the door is $10 for CTA members and $15 for non-members.
The presentation will be at the Lafayette Public Library, which is located at 775 W. Baseline Rd. in Lafayette:
We will be in the lower level meeting room. The reservation is under Colorado Translators Association.
Here below is a brief description of the main points I’ll touch during the presentation.

XBench for terminology and QA

XBench is a Windows software tool for Terminology management and QA. It is developed by ApSic, a Spanish translation and localization company. It offers a wealth of useful features, at an unbeatable price: the program is freeware.

1 Terminology search and management

You can use XBench to search your glossaries, translation memories and other bilingual resources using simple or more powerful search functions.
In XBench you can include glossaries in multiple formats, various kinds of translation memories and several types of bilingual files.
XBench can be called from most application via simple (and configurable) keyboard shortcuts.
Finally, you can update on the fly the glossaries or other bilingual resources you use.

2 Quality Assurance

In addition to using XBench for terminology search and management, you can use it to check and improve the quality of your translation projects. If you use XBench for team projects, you can write your instructions directly within XBench, then distribute your XBench projects to your translators.

3 Saving projects

You can save each XBench project with the set of glossaries and settings you specify. This way, the next time you work on a similar assignment, you can use the same XBench project, with the same set of files and QA checks.

4 Documentation


5 Other tools to use with XBench


6 Future developments and support of other CAT tools


  1. Any chance you might record the session and offer it online sometime? I use XBench in a limited way and would like to learn more. (The truth? I'm too lazy to read the documentation and try things out for myself... so I'd be willing to pay for such a session. Maybe others would be interested too.

  2. Hi Paula,

    I'll be posting the slides from my presentatio here; I'malso thinking of turning the presentation into a Webinar, but I don' know when, as yet.


  3. Hi Riccardo,
    Just saw Paula's comment and your reply, which I wholeheartedly second. I discovered XBench some time ago and now my colleagues and I (team of in-house legal translators) are using it to share and search terminology. I'd be really interested in your insights, especially in the form of a webinar.


  4. Thanx guys! XBench has proven very useful in legal translation. i will pass it on :)


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