Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Need a dictionary for the next World Cup?

The next World Cup is rapidly approaching. If you need a soccer dictionary to help you translate from English into Portuguese, or from Portuguese into English, one has recently been compiled and published by Humberto Ramos and Rhonda Abigail Bennett Henry-Ramos.

From their presentation:

Our “Bilingual Dictionary of Football (Soccer) Terms in English/Portuguese and Portuguese/English” is available as an e-book on the international market. This publication can be purchased at major online retail stores, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and can be read on e-readers, computers and smartphones.

Our dictionary contains a vast array of football and football-related words and expressions in English, as well as Brazilian Portuguese. It also provides many pertinent explanations.

The terms present in this publication are used on a daily basis in the world of football (soccer), on and off the field. They are also utilized by the press in their commentaries and analyses of the game.

This bilingual dictionary is, therefore, an excellent tool for football managers, technical staff, football players, journalists, commentators, translators and interpreters, football aficionados, and all persons who will come to Brazil in June 2014 for the biggest world-footballing event.

The new dictionary is available as an e-book for $ 9.99 from Amazon and from Barnes and Noble.


  1. I might be willing to pay $9.99 or more for a printed dictionary. For online one, the free translation services such as Google Translate would be better?

    1. I regularly pay quite a bit more than ten dollars for online and electronic dictionaries. Google translate would be better only if you don't care about the quality of what you get.

  2. Cool! Never heard of such a thing. They don't have one of those for German, do they?

    1. Not that I know of... but someone else might


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