Monday, July 07, 2014

Useful infographic: SEO for an international website

Smoke & Croak, a multilingual digital marketing agency, have just released an interactive infographic with a step-by-step guide to SEO for websites targeted at an international audience.

Each step includes links to resources and guides about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), from SEO basics for beginners and to elements which are more specific to international SEO.

While the infographic is not exclusively aimed at translators, it could be useful for translators looking to improve their visibility on search engines in different countries.


  1. Totally amazing! I bookmarked it so I can use it for future reference. I love it, this way, seo training will be more fun and easy to understand. Honestly, this is the best step by step guide I ever encountered. Thank you for posting this one. Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Congratulations on the article.

    A few days ago, I was reading an article about the SEO rules for 2014. It was a great article. I've made some notes and bookmarked it -- I may want to read it again someday.

    However, there was one thing that I didn't like. They claimed that spun content is dead. From now on, they said, you should manually rewrite *ALL* your articles. Is this the end of the internet marketing?!
    I need TONS of content every day. Thanks!

  3. Very very nice infographic. Didn't know that one yet. It is a little outdated as it is still talking about Google Authorship which was removed by Google a few months back, otherwise it provides great beginners guides and even advances stuff.

    Thanks for the share!

    Greetings from Austria,


  4. Great insights in the infographic, thanks for sharing it! Here's also a good resource where you can read articles about translation, localization, software/game localization and more: Maybe it's inspiring.

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