Thursday, July 03, 2014

Xbench world cup promotion

I’ve just heard that ApSIC has a very interesting promotion for Xbench: until the kick off of the quarterfinals, you can get the chance of winning an eight-year subscription to Xbench for the price of a single year:
The World Cup games have shown to be a lot more equal than anticipated. Most games have required extra time and tiny details (and often a ton of luck) have decided who passes to next round.
But if you already saw clearly who is going to win, here is a great deal for you: Buy one subscription year, make your guess of the World Cup winner, and if you are right, you get eight subscription years instead of one.
This deal is valid for both new customers and also existing customers who wish to renew their subscription ahead of time to benefit from this deal.
To place your order, simply go to
After your order is processed, you will receive an email to ask you for your World Cup winner.
And hurry up, this promotion ends on Friday July 4, at 6pm CET, with the France-Germany kick-off!

Xbench is a great tool even without any promotion – and with this you could get a great deal on its price.
Personally, I think they could have made things even more interesting by taking into account realistic odds of winning.
For example, they could have said that if you choose Brazil to win, you get three years free when you pay for one (provided Brazil wins), but that if you choose instead Costa Rica (and it wins the World Cup, against all odds), you would get Xbench free forever after you pay for one year… Since I’m not in charge of the promotion, however, it’s eight year no matter which team you prefer (so long as that team wins the World Cup).
To help you select your team for the competition, this is the first of the two goals Uruguay scored to beat Brazil in the 1950 decisive match.

So, remember: even the overwhelming favorite is not always the winner.


  1. I heard on the Twitter grapevine that statistically, the Xbench World Cup promotion is equivalent to a 43.75% discount, even if you don't have a clue about who will win. I'm not sure about the statistical soundness of the statement, but it's still a fun marketing idea.

  2. @Emma, Here's the algebra: Imagine you buy 8 years and place a bet of one year for each of the 8 teams. One of your 8 bets will be surely a winner and it will add 7 more years, totaling 15 years in your Xbench account. So 8 years purchased/15 years acquired*100 = 53,33% cost, that is a 46,66% discount on the regular price. This means that just by choosing a country by random you are statistically getting a 46.66% discount (not a 43.75% as mentioned in the tweet).


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