Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blogger and Spam

I apologize for not posting anything since last week.

Unfortunately, this blog had been locked by Blogger, as their algorithms had somehow deemed it a "spam blog" (no idea why: it is clearly a legitimate blog, but until some human person took the time to look at it, it remained locked)... so, although the blog was still up, I could not post anything new.

The blog has now been looked at by a human member of blogger support and whitelisted.

Before saying that all's well that ends well, I'll wait a little while, since, apparently, a number of blogs that had been similarly locked and then whitelisted, afterwards completely disappeared.

So, let's keep our finger crossed.


  1. How irritating to be blacklisted by a machine!

    Did they give any indication about what it is that made them think you're a spambot?

  2. No indication at all, although there is some rather uninformative info that one can find in their help pages.

    The only thing I can think is that I have a few links (three in all) to our company's website, to a website we devoted to translation quality issues, and to another blog I have on translation quality.

  3. Hi Riccardo.

    Glad to see you're back in the action!
    The machines will not defeat us!



  4. You have to keep back emailing Blogger.com to get the situation redressed. The same thing happened to my Translation Notes blog (transnotes.blogspot.com) and I had to key in a word every time I posted, which made it very inconvenient. However, I persisted in emailing them until they redressed the situation.

  5. Hi Julio:

    That's exactly what I did: kept on e-mailing them. After about five days of not being able to post to this blog, they corrected the problem.

    I think they are experiencing some serious backlog, though, as i received an e-mail just the day before yesterday from the Blogger help desk saying that they could not help, because they had so many service calls to deal with... that about two weeks after they had actually fixed the problem.

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