Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Comments on blogs - il barbaro

Most bloggers see their blog as a means to open a discussion with others. Hence the "comments" feature.

Some bloggers, of course, prefer to turn comments off, and present their blog as a platform from which to express their thoughts. That is fine also.

What I don't understand, however, is bloggers who don't disable the comments, but who then don't allow you, for unspecified reasons, to leave a comment about any post.

One such blogger, apparently, is Luigi Muzii, of the interesting Italian blog "il barbaro".

Luigi, I would have liked to leave a few comments about some interesting posts of yours (including one in which you quote me), but when I try to enter comments on any post, I just get this: "Spiacente, non puoi commentare questo post!" ("Sorry, but you cannot lave a comment for this post!")


  1. What I dislike most of the Internet is "anonymousness". While this is perfectly logical from a technical standpoint, it is not when coming in the sphere of opinions.
    Why should you be eager to spread your ideas without labeling them with your name?
    This is why you must be logged on to leave a comment on my blog: I like to know whom I could be talking to/with.
    Anyway, thank you for advising me: I would never know that the anonymous (unlogged) visitors willing to leave a comment are prompted with such an unpleasant (default) message, and will devise a new one.
    I look forward to reading a comment of yours soon.

  2. Luigi,

    The new message is certainly more pleasant, but not all that much more helpful: it took me a while to figure out that it is necessary to log in Splinder to leave a comment... if it were possible I would make it clearer and provide some instructions.

  3. Interesting. I feel the same way as Luigi. I have always disliked anonymous posting and have disabled this on my blog, but never considered what the default message would be. One more thing for my to do list!

  4. I never post or comment anonymously, but I prefer to leave the option open here. What I particularly don't like, however, are anonymous posters who take advantage of anonymity to throw a stone and hide their hand, so to speak.


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