Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A translation giant in trouble?

According to an article in the Boston Business Journal, Lionbridge will cut 325 positions globally (about 8% of its staff).
Liobridge recorded a $ 114 million loss in 2008.
The CEO's statement appears to be a good example of pure corporatese: "...moving forward as a leaner company while maintaining our focus on innovation and customer quality".
Best of luck to all the Lionbridge staff we know personally.

(Hat tip to Luigi Muzii of il Barbaro for the link)


  1. As a translation agency working at vendor level for Lionbridge, we've seen a drop in demand for our services from LB in recent months. These times call for leaner operations and Lionbridge is by no means an exception.

  2. Viktoria GimbeMonday, June 01, 2009

    Um, can I just say... what IS "customer quality"?


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