Friday, March 06, 2009

On eBay you can find everything

I was reading an article by Ben Yagoda "The inevitable epicene solution" (very interesting piece about the growing prevalence of the singular "they"), when I noticed a really strange eBay ad on that page:

I wonder if they could sell me some adverbs, as well.


  1. Do they have them in English only or are there other languages available? ^.^

  2. That's really funny!

    Here is another one: You can buy translation services on eBay! Check out

    What's next, cereal boxes with coupons for a free 1000-word translation?

  3. "French Translator": I removed your comment since it had nothing to do with this post.
    If you want people to link to your website, you should ask, and do it nicely. Putting a link in a post that has to do with the things you do on your web site would be acceptable, also. But Linking to your website from a post that has absolutely nothing to do with it is blog spamming.


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