Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do you see your comments here?

If you have written a comment here in About Translation, and you do not see it, let me know: another blogger told me that her comments never appeared here.

I never delete a comment just because it is critical of something I wrote. The only comments I erase are those that are clearly spam (along the lines of “excellent post, come and see my web site at”).

Comments to older posts go through moderation (to cut down on spamming), but I normally publish them within a few hours. Comments to recent posts should appear immediately, unless they are caught by Blogger’s spam filter (but I check the quarantined comments often, and allow all those that are not spam).

So, if you do not see your comments, write to my gmail address (RSchiaffino {at} When you write, include the text of your comment, and tell me which post it refers to: if I cannot find your comment among those waiting for moderation, I’ll post the comment myself, mentioning that you sent it. I’ll also try to see with blogger’s technical support if anything can be done to prevent comments from disappearing.


  1. I'm the non-published commenter, and I have to say that the issue has to do with cookies or some other browser setting. I cannot post with Firefox on Mac or Safari; I can post with Google Chrome on Windows. My beef is that there was no indication that my comments weren't being published or why - I only realized the problem was with all blogs on blogspot yesterday. I have been able to post comments on other systems, too.

  2. Hi Margaret,

    In the meantime, your test comment to the previous post has appeared, over a day late.

    Don't understand why this is happening.



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