Thursday, January 27, 2011

New on About Translation

In the past few months I have made some changes to this blog: a new template, which I hope you find more legible (no more dark blue text on a lighter blue background), easier to distinguish tabs on top, and a new background image (it’s a photo I took of an old diplomatic letter).

The most important change is the “Quick Tips” section in the sidebar: I’m using Twitter to micro-blog about interesting tools, books, sites I find, or stray thoughts. I’m still not accustomed to the Twitter format – 140 characters is very little room for a post, but it should be enough for these quick jottings.


  1. Nice layout (just testing Chrome).

  2. On top of the context, I like the clarity of your blog. Nothing pop-ups and no need to wear eye protective gear. Good color themes.

  3. Its looks decent when i come to your blog and find more systematic form of all details given by you.. the background color select by you is also suggest me that you are not into hanky panky style and would prefer to be straight towards your work.


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