Monday, January 10, 2011

First CTA event of the year: goals for 2011

I’ve just returned from the first CTA event of 2011.

Due probably to the cold weather and icy roads, there were just nine of us, this time. We discussed our goals for 2011: things such as how to expand our business, which kind of customers to target, and so on.

The CTA is going to be very active this year:

  • On January 22nd we’ll have our belated holiday party (the deadline for registration is January 14: you can register on the CTA Website).
  • In February I will give a presentation on XBench and on its many uses for translators.
  • The big even will certainly be the CTA mid-year conference, which will be held on May 14, in Boulder, in a really spectacular location.

… and of course there will be several more interesting events.


  1. 2011 new year, new possibilities. Good luck with you February presentation, and acquiring clients.

  2. The CTA sure does put on a lot of great events. At NITA, we want to be like the CTA when we grow up. :) Boulder is gorgeous, and I have many fond memories of giving my workshop at the CTA in Denver -- Coloradans (correct?) are so laid-back and friendly. Remember the workshop in the middle of the snowstorm? Happy 2011~


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