Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Requiescat in pace: Peter Newmark passed away on July 12

I met Peter Newmark when I attended a translation seminar at the Polytechnic of Central London in 1990. Newmark was an excellent teacher: always interesting, able to intersperse talk of practical and theoretical aspects of translation with anecdotes of his experiences as translator and interpreter while serving with the British army in Italy during WWII.

Although that seminar was all too brief, I learned much from Peter Newmark – and meeting him also led to his books: unlike most books in translation studies, which easily become too technical and theoretical, Peter Newmark's books are of real use for the practicing translator (I’m especially fond of his two collections of “Paragraphs on Translation”, and of course the name of this blog is a direct homage to Newmark's “About Translation”).

Antony Pym wrote an obituary on the European Society for Translation Studies’ site; Margaret Rogers wrote a longer personal note, published on the Notes on Translation Studies blog.


  1. Riccardo, I just came across your blog while researching stuff on term extraction (not sure anymore about the connection). Thanks for informing us and refering to Margaret Rogers' note as well. I remember having conversations with you about Newmark's work during our time at JDE.

  2. Hi Riccardo! It’s really sad to know the sudden demise of Peter Newmark. I will be not that lucky to accolade this great personality but yes if I get that scope I will surely try to gobble up all his precious collections. I am sure it will remain to be a great achievement for a small person like me if I can manage to read up his books on translation.

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