Friday, March 11, 2005

When Translations Leave for Cheaper Markets

from Business Week online

An article that deals with problems that are all too common for most of us, nowadays:

"When one market begins to dry up, try adding the value of expertise. For a couple of linguists hit hard by online outsourcing, going upmarket may be the only solution"

One answer (given by Chris Durban), is certainly interesting... I don't know how feasible it is, though, for most translators:

"The key in translation services is to segment, segment, segment. The problem with most translators is that they make themselves too small. They have stuck with 12 cents a word for far too long. The top of the market is 50 cents or 60 cents a word -- and it's empty! There is very little competition at that level."

Chris Durban, however, has more to say on this topic in his own column, The Bottom Line (certainly worth checking out, though "cum grano salis").

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