Wednesday, May 21, 2014

About Translation nominated for Language Lovers 2014 Contest

Once again, the language portal and the Lexiophiles language blog have chosen various blogs, facebook pages and twitter accounts as candidates for the "Top 100 Language Lovers 2014" list.

About Translation has been nominated in the "Language Professional Blog" Category.

About Translation was chosen among the top 100 language blogs in 2008 and 2011, and in 2011 among the top 25 language professionals blogs.

If you like this blog, and want to add your vote, you can do so, by clicking on the button below:

Vote the Top 100 Language Professional Blogs 2014 

If you prefer another language professional blog (there are many good ones from which to choose) you can go to the site, and vote for your favorite.

In addition to the Language Professional Blogs 2014, you'll also find voting buttons for the other categories:
  • Language Twitter Account 2014, 
  • Language Learning Blogs 2014,
  • Language Facebook Pages 2014, and
  • Language YouTube Channel 2014
The voting phase lasts from May 20nd to June 9th. During this period, everyone can vote for their favourite language lovers in the five social media categories. The final results will be based on Lexiophiles’ ranking criteria (50 %) and user votes (50 %). The winners will be announced on June 12th.

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