Thursday, May 29, 2014

Xbench plug-in for SDL Trados Studio 2014

After a successful beta test, ApSIC announced today the official release of the ApSIC Xbench Plugin for SDL Trados Studio 2014.

This plugin integrates the two programs, and allows translators to: 
  •  QA Studio projects with Xbench just with one click from the Studio ribbon.
  •  Instantly edit any issues found by Xbench right in Studio, with all Studio project settings in place.

It also makes it even easier the use of Xbench's powerful search to look into the translation memories (and other resources) you have loaded in your project.  A very useful feature, considering the deficiencies of SDL's own concordance search.

The plugin for Studio is a free add-on and requires ApSIC Xbench 3.0 build 1186 or later and SDL Trados Studio 2014 SP1 or later.

You can watch a 5-minute video featuring this cool integration at

To download the latest buids of ApSIC Xbench 3.0 and the plugin, visit

Remember: the plug-in is only available for Xbench 3.0 - another excellent reason for upgrading to the new version of the program.


  1. That's great news for us translators. It should definitely ease our work.


    1. Hm..I'm not sure. How about this
      or especially thi one for medical translators?


    2. Hm..I'm not sure. How about this
      especially thi one for medical translators?



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